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The Function and Composition of Car Ignition Switch

The Function of Automotive Ignition Switch

The function of the automotive ignition switch is as follows:

As car ignition system parts, the automotive ignition switch is used to connect or disconnect the starter, ignition, and electrical circuits.

Ignition switches usually have four positions: LOCK, ACC, ON, and START.

  • LOCK (Lock the car). In this position, the key is inserted into the ignition switch, and the steering wheel is locked in place.

  • ACC (Accessory). In this position, accessories like the radio and headlights can be used, but not the air conditioner.

  • ON. In addition to the engine, all other basic equipment is on, and the steering wheel is unlocked. The air conditioner can be used, but its cooling effect is not very good. When driving normally, the key is in the ON position, and all electrical circuits in the car are working.

  • START. In this position, the engine starts, fuel is consumed, the car is started, and the air conditioner's cooling effect improves. The START position is for starting the engine, and it automatically returns to the ON position once the engine has started.

The Composition of Automotive Ignition Switch

Composition of ignition switches

There are usually four positions: 0 or LOCK, I or ACC, II or ON, and III or START.

When the ignition switch is turned to III or START, the starter motor starts. When the ignition switch is turned to I or ACC, the engine is turned off, but other electrical components can be used normally.

When the ignition switch is turned to II or ON, the engine operates.

When the ignition switch is turned to 0 or LOCK, the engine turns off, and when the key is removed, the steering wheel locks.

Ignition switch

The switch for the ignition system (usually using a key), which can freely open or close the main circuit of the ignition coil, and is also suitable for other electronic circuits.

Types of ignition switches

ignition switches for gas lighters, gas stoves, gas water heaters; ignition and start switches for automobiles and motorcycles; and ignition switches for launching missiles, satellites, and various spacecraft.

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