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What is a Car Ignition Coil For? What if It Breaks?

Ⅰ. The role of the car ignition coil:

1. The car ignition coil is actually a transformer (with primary winding, secondary winding, iron core, insulating material, etc. inside), which converts the car's 12-volt voltage into a voltage of 20,000-30,000 volts. The car's ignition system uses this high Piezoelectric to ignite the gas mixture in the cylinder.

2. The current ignition system by MAMPS ignition coil company generally adopts a non-contact ignition system. The principle is: the DC low voltage is converted into a DC high voltage after being doubled and rectified, and then the high voltage is controlled to pass through the primary of the ignition coil intermittently, and a high voltage (generally around 20KV) is induced in the secondary of the ignition coil, drive the spark plug to discharge and ignite.

3. Therefore, the required car ignition parts are: inverter, voltage doubler rectifier, switching device (such as thyristor, etc.), ignition coil.

The additional resistor in the low-voltage circuit of the automobile ignition coil has the function of balancing the high-voltage spark. When the current passes through the primary coil, a magnetic field will be generated. It will take a period of time from the beginning of the current to the saturation of the magnetic field (that is, reaching the highest level). When the engine is at a low speed, the magnetic field can reach saturation. When the engine is at high speed, due to the shortening of the time, the magnetic field cannot reach saturation, the generated secondary voltage will be insufficient, and the spark will also be weakened.

The role of the ignition coil is to turn the low-voltage electricity on the car into a high-voltage electric spark, and then ignite the mixture in the cylinder. It works like a lighter you usually use.

With the development of automobile gasoline engines in the direction of high speed, high compression ratio, high power, low fuel consumption and low emission, the traditional ignition device is no longer suitable for use. The core components of the ignition device are the ignition coil and the switch device. When the energy of the ignition coil is increased, the spark plug can generate sparks with sufficient energy, which is the basic condition for the ignition device to adapt to the operation of modern engines.

Ⅱ. The symptoms of a broken car ignition coil are:

1. The ignition coil is generally responsible for the ignition of one cylinder, and sometimes it is responsible for two. If the ignition coil is broken, the corresponding cylinder will not work. The most obvious symptom is weak acceleration and vibration.

2. If the ignition energy provided by the ignition coil is less (leakage), the engine may vibrate when idling, and sometimes you can hear abnormal noise from the engine.

3. The engine has a monitoring system. If the ignition coil of the car is broken, it will know by itself. At this time, you can see the engine fault light on the dashboard is on, which is actually reminding you of a failure.

4. The ignition coil of the car is broken, and the cylinder is also on strike, so the mixture in the cylinder cannot be burned, and finally it can only be sent away by the exhaust pipe, but the mixture is not the object of three-way catalytic purification after all, so it will eventually stick to the three-way catalyst, causing blockage.

To be more serious, it doesn't matter if a car's ignition coil goes on strike. If several other components also stop working, then the power of the car will be useless at this time, and the end result is that the car will go suddenly and suddenly until the engine is turned off.

In the case of a broken pencil type ignition coil, similar symptoms can be observed including weak acceleration, engine vibrations, and abnormal engine noise. Additionally, the engine's monitoring system will detect the failure, triggering the engine fault light on the dashboard as an indication of the malfunction.

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