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What Is the Function of the Auto Air Conditioner Evaporator?

Auto air conditioner evaporators are roughly divided into two types, one is an evaporator that cools the liquid refrigerant, and the other is an evaporator that cools the air to absorb the heat inside the car. Today, we will introduce the role of automotive ac evaporators.

What is a auto air conditioner evaporator?

The air conditioning evaporator is a type of evaporator. The role of auto air conditioner evaporator is to use liquid low-temperature refrigerant to evaporate easily under low pressure, turn into vapor and absorb the heat of the cooled medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

It relies on a fan to force the air in the warehouse to pass through the cooling pipe in the box for heat exchange, so that the air cools down, thereby achieving the goal of reducing temperature.

Among them, the refrigerant flows in the exhaust pipe, and the dry-type refrigeration fan that cools the outside air through the pipe wall is called a dry-type refrigeration fan; the wet-type refrigeration fan that directly exchanges heat with the air by spraying refrigerant liquid is called a wet-type refrigeration fan; and the mixed-type refrigeration fan also has a refrigerant spray device besides the cooling exhaust pipe.

The dry-type refrigeration fan commonly used in cold storage can be divided into two types: suspended ceiling type and floor type according to its installation position.

The role of auto air conditioner evaporators

The basic requirements of the evaporator are the same as the condenser. Because it is located in the car, its corrosion resistance performance is not as high as the condenser, but the limited space inside the car has put forward more stringent requirements on its volume.

The role of the evaporator is to evaporate the low-pressure refrigerant from the expansion valve and absorb the heat of the air inside the car, thereby achieving the goal of cooling the car. The evaporator only needs tube-fin type, tube-belt type, and stacked type.

At present, full-aluminum stacked evaporators and tube-belt evaporators are mainly used in cars, and copper pipe-aluminum fin evaporators are mainly used in large buses. There are various forms of evaporators on medium-sized buses, mainly tube-belt type.

The cooling medium of auto air conditioner evaporators of different types is also different. Some are cooled with water, salt water or ethylene glycol water solution, and the other cools the air.

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