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Analysis of the Working Principle of Car Air Conditioner Compressor

What is a car air conditioner compressor?

A car air conditioner compressor is the heart of the car's air conditioning refrigeration system, which compresses and delivers the refrigerant vapor.

What is the working principle of the car air conditioner compressor?

Structure and working principle of car air conditioning refrigeration system:

  • Air conditioning piping - made of aluminum hard pipes and rubber hoses, connects various components of the refrigeration system.

  • Refrigerant - the refrigerant vaporizes in the evaporator to absorb the heat from the air in the cabin, achieving the cooling effect, and condenses in the condenser to release heat to the outside air.

  • Evaporator - the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant liquid continuously evaporates, absorbs the heat from the air passing through the evaporator, and cools the air in the cabin. The car air conditioning compressor evaporator is arranged in the room and usually sent by a centrifugal fan.

  • Car AC Expansion valve - throttles and reduces the pressure and temperature of high-pressure refrigerant liquid from the liquid storage dryer, forming a low-temperature and low-pressure mist-like refrigerant, which is sprayed into the evaporator. The refrigerant flow sprayed into the evaporator can be automatically adjusted according to the outlet refrigerant vapor temperature of the evaporator.

  • Liquid storage dryer - when the refrigeration system is running, it filters, dries, and temporarily stores the liquid refrigerant. There is a sight glass above it to observe whether the charged refrigerant is sufficient and whether the flow is normal (the refrigerant should be free of foam and flow smoothly).

  • Compressor - driven by the engine, it continuously sucks in the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor generated by heating and evaporation in the evaporator, compresses it to form high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor, and discharges it to the condenser to create high-pressure conditions for the continuous condensation and heat release of the refrigerant in the condenser. At the same time, it overcomes the resistance to circulation flow of the refrigerant in the refrigeration circuit.

  • Condensor - releases the heat in the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor discharged by the car air conditioning compressor to the outside air passing through the condenser, and condenses the refrigerant vapor into a refrigerant liquid with a certain degree of subcooling. The car ac condensor is mostly arranged in front of the radiator in the car, and is cooled by the cooling fan and the oncoming airflow generated by the car's driving.

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