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Are There Any Bad Effects of a Broken Car Sensor?

Ⅰ. Will a bad car sensor have serious effects?

Yes. Car sensor plays an important role in today's car, the damage will appear in the consequences of waste of gasoline, not efficient use of gasoline, the car's power performance, easy to stall, parking stall is not easy to start soon, driving in the process of lack of power or power automatically too large.

Ⅱ. What will happen if the car sensor is broken?

1. The car ABS sensor will fail:

Wheel speed sensors, most of which are installed at the hub of each wheel. But if it fails, ABS will fail.

2. Car engine speed does not rise:

Air flowmeters, mostly mounted on air filters and throttle bodies. Once the engine fails, the engine speed will not rise.

3. Lack of car power:

Most coolant sensors are installed next to the thermostat. Once they fail, the engine has trouble starting on a cold start, idling wonky and underpowered on acceleration.

4. The engine cannot start:

Most car crank sensor and cam position sensor are installed behind or near the crankshaft belt wheel and in front or behind the camshaft, respectively. They complement each other and work at the same time, providing a good guarantee for the normal rotation of the engine. If one side fails, the engine will not start.

5. The car engine idle operation:

Most accelerator pedal position sensors are integrated with the accelerator pedal. In case of failure, the engine can only run at idle.

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