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Type and Switch Analysis of Car Ignition Coil

1. The type of car ignition coil

According to the magnetic circuit, car ignition coils can be divided into open magnetic type and closed magnetic type two in MAMPS ignition coil company.

The iron core of the closed magnetic circuit ignition coil is closed, and the magnetic flux all passes through the core. The magnetic conductivity of the iron core is about 10,000 times that of air. Therefore, if the open magnetic circuit ignition coil wants to obtain the same magnetic flux as the closed magnetic circuit ignition coil, its primary coil must have a larger magnetic motive force (ampere-turns). Therefore, the primary coil with more turns and larger wire diameter must be used. The number of turns of the primary coil is large, if the same turn ratio is to be obtained, the number of turns of the secondary coil also needs to be increased, so it is impossible to miniaturize the ignition coil with open magnetic circuit.

On the contrary, the closed magnetic circuit ignition coil, because of the small reluctance, can effectively reduce the magnetic motive force of the coil, the automobile ignition coil miniaturization.

At present, the closed magnetic circuit ignition coil has been quite miniaturized, and can be integrated with the igniter, or even with the spark plug. Ignition of flammable compressed gas in the cylinder by a spark plug.

The traditional car ignition system parts auto ignition coil is open magnetic type, its iron core is stacked with about 0.3 mm silicon steel sheet, the iron core is wound with secondary and primary coils. The closed magnetic type uses the shape of the iron core around the primary coil, the outside of the secondary coil, the magnetic field line by the iron core constitutes a closed magnetic circuit. The advantages of the closed magnetic auto ignition coil are less magnetic leakage, small energy loss, small volume, so the electronic ignition system is commonly used closed magnetic auto ignition coil.

2. The switch of car ignition coil

The function of auto ignition coil switch is power, can open or close the main circuit of auto ignition coil freely, but also applicable to other electrical circuits. It is usually necessary to insert the car key into the keyhole, turn the key to power up, and use the ignition switch to turn off the engine.

Common ignition switch mode:

Ignition methods are mainly piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electric coil ignition.

MAPMS has types of car ignition coils (pencil type ignition coil and so on) and our MIC series ignition coils, such as the MIC 001 and  mic 004 for INFINITI and Nissan and so on.

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